“Get a Quote” Makes Booking Even Easier

One of the things we hear pretty consistently from owners and managers is that it can take a lot of back and forth to get the reservation started. But that’s about to change.

We’ve made things easier with the new “Get a Quote” feature on HomeAway and VRBO. Now, on all listings with quotable rates, potential guests can enter their travel dates and instantly see an estimated rental amount based on the set rates. They can then click the “Request Quote” button to contact the owner, who will automatically be sent an inquiry with the quoted rate included.

“Get a Quote” will help cut down on those initial emails and ensure higher quality inquiries, since travelers will already have a ballpark idea of the amount they would be spending. It even stops users from selecting less than the minimum number of days.

All property listings with quotable rates automatically have this new feature just above the inquiry form on your property listing. So if you have not updated your listing with quotable rates, we encourage you to go to your “Edit Listing” page and click on the “Rates” tab to do so.   

We think you’re going to really like this new feature—after all, it saves you time and makes the reservation process easier for both you and the traveler.

Happy renting!

The Product Marketing Team

New HomeAway.com Search Results Page is Live

With the goal to continually evolve and improve the overall experience of searching for a vacation rental, we've made some pretty cool updates to the search results page on HomeAway.com. The last few weeks have been spent experimenting with changes to the layout and appearance of the HomeAway search results page for a small percentage of visitors to the site.  And now, after gathering information and feedback, we've determined which changes to make.

What's New in this Design?

  • Larger thumbnail photos:  Bigger visuals bring life to the experience of finding and selecting the perfect vacation rental
  • Consistent view everywhere:  See the same results and information wherever you use HomeAway — on a mobile device, tablet, or web
  • Search: Larger search bar with the addition of check -in and check out dates to help travelers find available properties for their travel dates
  • Search results:  Each result has been updated to put the focus on the most important information, like reviews and rates.
  • More Filters:  Help travelers get just the results they want with additional filtering functionality, like custom bed, sleeps and price ranges.  
  • Favorites:  Now your favorites are easier to find and use

Questions, feedback, suggestions?  Let us know.

Thanks for your continued feedback.

Product Marketing Team

New "More Properties" Banner

This week on HomeAway.com, VRBO, and most of our international sites, we added a "more properties" search bar to differentiate between listings that paid to be on that site, and those whose primary placement is on another site within HomeAway’s Network. These additional listings appear at the bottom of search results, and below any listings that paid to be on that particular site.  As a HomeAway.com or VRBO customer, your listing is displayed at no additional charge on 15 international HomeAway sites, below the paid listings on those sites. The new “more properties” banner designates the beginning of those listings in search results.  

This is what it looks like on VRBO:

This is what it looks like on HomeAway:


I already purchased a U.S. or Global bundle. How will this affect me?  When you purchased your U.S. or Global Bundle, your listing became a paid listing on the sites that are included in your Bundle, and your existing subscription level was guaranteed across those sites.

  • U.S. Bundle: With the U.S. Bundle, you maintain your subscription level on both VRBO and HomeAway.  This means your listing is sorted with other properties in your subscription level, and above any listings displayed from the HomeAway Network of sites (above the new banner).  Owners with listings displayed on both VRBO and HomeAway earn an average of $25,000/yr – that’s a 37x return!
  • Global Bundle: With your Global Bundle, you’ll enjoy your existing subscription level on the top 5 vacation rental sites in the world: HomeAway.com, VRBO.com, HomeAway.co.uk, FeWo-Direkt.de, and Abritel.fr. Also, your listing is sorted among the other paid listings on 15 international HomeAway sites.  

What does this mean for the rank of my Gold level subscription?  Nothing!  Your listing will still be displayed among the other listings in your subscription level, and above listings displayed from other sites in the HomeAway Network of sites. This holds true for all subscription levels.

Why display listings from your entire Network of sites?  Travelers who visit the HomeAway sites desire a broad assortment of properties from which to choose.  In places where there may not be very many listings that paid to be on that site, it means travelers will still get results for their search.  It’s also how you get additional exposure for your listing at no additional cost.  You still have complete control over who stays in your home.

Will my listing be displayed on other sites? Yes.  To see what your listing looks like on other sites, visit your dashboard, choose “Edit listing”, then hover your mouse over “Preview Listing” in the top left corner of the page.

How do I change the content of my listing on one of the other sites? Visit your listing editor from your dashboard, then enter your updates in the appropriate areas.  Your changes will show on all sites where your listing is displayed.


As always, we appreciate your feedback.


Favorites and Profiles Now Available on VRBO

We have heard from many of you over the years asking for ways to make vacation planning easier and today we are excited to announce favorites and profiles on VRBO.com:

  • Favorites – Easily add a property to a favorites list by simply clicking on the red heart now found on the search results or property pages.  You can also share your favorites list with friends and family by selecting the ‘share list’ button from the new Favorites page.  
  • Profiles - Create a personalized traveler profile, become part of the VRBO community, and let owners know a little more about you when you inquire.

More about Favorites

As you select favorite properties from the search and property pages, you will see a summary of your favorite properties at the bottom of the screen. You will also be able to view your entire favorites list from your favorites page which you can access by clicking on View list from the summary or the favorites link in the top navigation.  

How to get started

In order to save favorites and add a profile, create an account using your email address or log in with Facebook. If you prefer to use Facebook for your login, don’t worry, we will not auto-publish anything to your Facebook account.  Access your favorites and profile at any time by logging in and clicking on My Profile or Favorites in the top navigation. 

See what it looks like


Search Page:

Property Page:

Favorites Page:

Profiles Page:

As always, we appreciate any feedback you have!

The VRBO team

Calendar Availability / Minimum Stay

This week we will be releasing a new feature on VRBO that many of our owners, property managers, and travelers have been requesting for quite some time. For owners and property managers, this features is aimed to reduce the volume of unqualified inquiries and for travelers, it is aimed to reduce the time it takes to find an available property that fits their needs.

Currently, the date selector on the inquiry form of the property page shows open calendars for all listings.  With this release, we will start to show the property availability in the calendar by crossing out the unavailable dates per the screenshot below.  Additionally, if the traveler selects travel dates during which the property is not available or if they do not meet minimum stay requirements, a warning message will appear within the inquiry form. (This feature will be coming soon on HomeAway as well.)

We will also start displaying minimum stay requirements on the search hits of both HomeAway and VRBO as this is an important way travelers select search accommodations. Minimum stay requirements are part of the new quotable rates format. If you have defined rates using this new format, the minimum-stay check will occur. Please keep in mind, travelers will still be able to submit their inquiry for booked dates or stays that don’t meet minimum stay requirements.

As always, we appreciate your feedback,

The VRBO team