Improved inquiry emails

New Inquiry Confirmation Emails Coming Soon

Soon you will notice changes to one of the most important emails you receive – inquiry confirmation emails. Inquiry confirmation emails are the emails you receive when a potential guest inquires on your rental. The changes include:

  • A simplified design - A shorter, simpler design with the most important information moved to the top of the email making it easier and faster to read.
  • Increased protection – Instead of seeing the inquirer’s phone number, you will see a link to your dashboard where you can access the phone number. You may have also noticed recently that traveler’s email addresses written in the message of inquiries are appearing as “--------@---.---“. The inquirer’s email address and phone number will both continue to be available in your dashboard so that only you have access to traveler contact information which helps protect you against email phishing.
  • New! Response score – One of the new features coming soon is a response score. Response scores are being introduced because travelers have told us how important it is to get a timely response from an owner or property manager.  Your response score will measure how quickly and frequently you respond to initial inquiries and reservation requests.  Once you receive a response score, your most recent score will be included in your inquiry confirmation emails so you always know what your score is. If you’d like to learn more about response scores, visit the educational microsite to learn more.

As always, you can respond to the email by hitting “reply” in your personal email or by logging into your dashboard.

Please let us know if you have any feedback.