Updates to Map Searches and Property Pins

Starting today, you will notice a few changes to the map search options we display to travelers.  Going forward all listings with a valid address will be included in map searches and we will have new options for displaying where your property is located. We are making these changes in order to improve the map search experience for travelers and make it easier for them in finding a property since location information is one of the most important decisions travelers use in choosing a vacation rental.

In your listing editor, you will now have the option to display an exact location, or not, which determines how your pin displays on the map.  If you choose “Exact Location”, you will get a large teardrop shaped pin that is displayed in map searches and on your property page.  If you choose not to display an exact location, you will get smaller round pin that is not displayed over the exact location of your property. When a traveler selects your pin, they will see the radius of the area where your property is located with a hover for your property details. The approximate area is guaranteed to include your exact location, but travelers will not be able to decipher your exact location.

Map Search

Map Search when a traveler selects a pin that does not display an exact location

If you previously did not display a property marker or chose to display a property marker but restricted your zoom, you will be moved to “Approximate Location”. If you chose to display your property marker and did not restrict your zoom, you will be moved to “Exact Location”.  In order to make changes to your map pin settings, you will need to go to the Edit Listing link in your dashboard, then to the Location tab.

Remember, travelers prefer detailed location information to help narrow down the vacation rental that best fits their needs.