Enhanced Reservation Manager

Reservation Manager has received a major update. If you've logged in the past couple of days, you will have noticed that there has been some big changes. 

I'd like to provide a little insight into why we've made the changes. The best way to summarize is a concept I like to call, the reservation lifecycle. This can be from getting the initial inquiry or reservation request to making sure that you can communiate with your guest in the most efficient manner. It can be providing a quote, creating a reservation and sending payments request.

Whether it's pre-booking activities to post-hospitality activities, it boils down to ensuring that you have the tools and capabilities to manage every stage of the reservation in a single place. 

What’s new

  • Improved communications process
  • Streamlined bookings
  • Easier payments and bookings management

So let's dive into the new changes.

Inbox View

The inbox view is where you'll be able to find all your communications from travelers and guest. Every time you visit the inbox, easily and quickly identify inquiries, reservation request, and messages that need your attention.

  • Updated visual experience
  • Single location for all communications
  • Status indicators for new and important inquiries and messages
  • Hide old inquiries and messages
  • Filter inquiries and messages by status

Conversation View

The conversation view is where you'll be spending the majority of your time. Save time with one-click access to all your reservation tools, templates, and attachments when responding to inquiries and messages with the added convenience of seeing all your past responses.


Conversation view (inquiry details, reservation details)

  • Direct access to calendar, rates, and payment requests when viewing an inquiry or message

  • See all past actions in response to an inquiry

  • Use templates to respond to inquiries or messages

  • Add attachments to inquiries or messages


Template Manager

We expanded the template capabilities and created the template manager. Simplify the repetitive task of responding to inquiries and messages by creating customized response templates for any situation.

  • Create unlimited customized template responses
  • Add default attachments to templates
  • Preview ability to check your templates

Attachment Manager

A completely brand new feature. You can add attachments to your responses and with the attachment manager you can easily manage and organize all your rental documents such as house rules, directions, and key guest information in a single location.

  • Manage all your attachments in a single location
  • Create folders to store attachments into groupings
  • Support of PDF, JPG, PNG, and GIF files

Payments View

The payments view has received some visual updates and tweaks to make it easier to identify the status of your guests payments.

  • Status indicators for payment activity
  • Filter payments by status
  • Improved payment refunding capabilities


Reservations View

The reservations view has received some visual updates and tweaks to make it easier to identify the status of your reservations.

  • Status indicators for reservation status
  • Filter reservations by status
  • ResID (Reservation ID) is prominent