Improved Dashboard

We listened to your feedback about the dashboard and the desire to make it easier to get to the actions and information that you use the most. As a result, we just recently launched the new and improved dashboard homepage. You will see that you can now view and respond to your most recent inquiry and reservation requests as well as have quick access to your calendar to check your availability.  The new guest management section at the bottom of the page was a result of many requests from our owners and property managers to have a simpler way to manage guest activity.

You will also see changes to the navigation at the top and left had side of the page which were aimed to reduce complexity and provide quick links to the areas you visit most frequently. The widgets on the right hand side of the homepage are also aimed to provide quick access to the features we heard you look at the most including your calendar, listing details and listing quality score. 

We hope the homepage helps you manage your business more effectively than ever before.