Announcing the launch of Quotable Rates v2

If you saw the July’s Owner Update Newsletter, you may have heard, but now it’s official. Our new and improved quotable rates application is here!

We are rolling out Quotable Rates v2 over the next few months, starting with owners who are already on Quotable Rates v1. If you haven’t’ received an email yet, you will soon. So keep checking your inbox!

Once your account has been activated with the new rates application, all you have to do is go to the “Rates” tab in Listing Manager. You'll have the choice to save your rates into Quotable Rates v2, do nothing, or go back to the Traditional Rates format.  

Here are some the features included in the new Quotable Rates v2:

More flexibility in pricing

Easily set up nightly, weekly, and monthly rates for your property based on your seasons, as well as event rates for specific dates and the ability to charge for additional guest and weekend rates.

What you see is what you get

See exactly how prices will appear to travelers, so you’re always sure your rates are set up the way you want them. It’s as simple as click “Test” from the top right of your rates table.

Testing your rates in action.

Easier to get estimates

Manage local taxes and additional fees under the “Rates” tab, and they’ll be automatically included in quotes to travelers.

Stand out to travelers

Includes the “Get an Instant Quote” feature, which allows guests to get a complete instant rental quote for your property based on their travel dates that includes taxes and fees.

Here's what a quote looks like with Quotable Rates v2

Without Quotable Rates v2, only an estimated rental amount is provided


To learn more about Quotable Rates v2, visit our FAQ page.

Stay tuned...

We’re constantly looking at ways to improve our products to help you better manage your properties. So check this space regularly to see what other enhancements we’re working on.