Improvements to the Property Manager Dashboard are coming in March 2014!

The product team at HomeAway has been busy taking your feedback and turning it into improvements on the Property Manager Dashboard.  This month, you are going to see a few new changes, like:

  • Better navigation
  • Improved distribution management
  • Minimum content reminders
  • Performance graphics

Here’s a rundown of the changes you will see…

Better Navigation

Many of you told us that you don’t use the top icon navigation and prefer to have all of your choices in one place.  We have removed all of the icons, so you only have one place to look; the left hand navigation.

Improved Distribution Management

This is the most exciting of the changes to the dashboard!

You told us that you wanted to do more from the My Properties page and not have to go to the Distribution page to find out information about each listing, especially when they expire.  So, we’ve made the following changes:

  • We’ve combined the My Properties page with the Distribution page
    • You can now see information about where your listings are distributed, how they are distributed, and when they will expire right when you log in.
    • You can sort on the expiration column to see which expirations are coming up next.
  • We’ve organized My Properties page in convenient tabs.  
    • Subscriptions – See all active listings, including subscription levels, websites, bundles, expirations dates, and online booking status. 
    • Expired subscriptions – See all of your expired subscriptions in one place.
    • Pay-Per-Booking – Keep track of any Pay-Per-Booking listings
    • Pay Per Lead – Manage any Pay Per Lead listings
    • Incomplete – See any listings that are missing content and are not live yet
    • Unassigned – See any properties that are integrated, but haven’t been assigned to a subscription level or Pay-Per-Booking model.
  • We’ve improved the Alerts page.
    • We’ve increased the alert for expiration from 30 to 60 days, so you have lots of advance notice.
    • See alerts if you have listings that are missing content and need special attention to go live

Advertising Region Editor

  • Sometimes things go wrong and new listings will not appear in the correct node.
  • You can now go into the Property Manager Dashboard before your listing goes live, or within ten days of the listing appearing on the site, and adjust the advertising region for the brand where you purchased your listing so that it appears correctly in search results.

Minimum Content Reminders

We’ve added a new tab to the My Properties page that helps you ensure your new listings are meeting HomeAway’s minimum quality standards.

  • You will see an alert on the Alerts page.
  • You will see an alert message when you log in.
  • You can click on the Incomplete tab to see all of the listings that are missing minimum content.
  • Each listing has a detailed description that tells you what parts of your listings are missing information.
  • If you manage any parts of your listing in our HomeAway dashboard, you will be able to click on the alert message and be taken directly to the entry screen to update any missing information.
  • If you manage any parts of your listing in your software, be sure to make your updates in your software so that it will carry through the integration.

Performance Graphics

We’ve also changed the way our Performance page looks.  Your graphics are now at the top so that you can get a quick view of how your listings are performing.

We’re really excited about these changes and hope you like them too!  We are always looking your feedback, so please make sure you are sending us your ideas in the Feedback Widget located on the right side of the Dashboard.