New Listing Scorecard -- More Insight to Improve your Listing

Manage your performance with the new listing scorecard

Many of you have told us that you’re craving more data, and that’s exactly what we are providing with our latest dashboard feature, the listing scorecard. We want to make sure your property gets the attention it deserves, so the listing scorecard is designed to give you immediate feedback on the aspects of your listing that matter most to travelers. 

And the great news is when you follow the tips in the listing scorecard, your position in search results can improve. Search results take into account whether many of these factors have been addressed so the listings that provide the traveler with the most information and best experience are easier to find.

What is the listing scorecard?

The listing scorecard has three main sections. We’ll provide you with a score for each to show you how you’re doing today and what you can do to improve. When you take those actions, you’ll see your scores improve.

  • Booking Experience - the components that influence a traveler's booking and vacation experience such as updating your calendar at least once a week, accepting online payments, and soliciting high quality reviews from your past guests. Check your score and learn how to make it easier for travelers to book your home. Then follow the key recommendations in your scorecard.
  • Listing completeness - the essential information that travelers need to book your home, along with tips for making your listing stand out such as providing travelers with an email address and phone number to easily reach you, entering a thorough headline and description, and uploading as many high quality photos as possible. Check your listing completeness score, follow the tips and see your score go up.
  • Subscription upgrades – In addition to optimizing your booking experience and listing completeness scores, upgrade options are available to help you rank higher in search results, get more exposure and boost inquiries.

Check the listing scorecard often

By visiting the Performance tab of your dashboard, you can get specific recommendations for your listing. Since we’re always working to improve the site experience and make it easier for travelers, you might also see changes over time, both here and in the search results. Following the recommendations in your scorecard is the best way to impact your performance.

We are working hard to provide you with the tools you need to get the bookings you want while giving travelers the best experience possible to book properties like yours. The listing scorecard in your dashboard is a great way to help you improve your listing and booking experience because that ultimately leads to more inquiries, more renters, and more income for you!