Reminder about some of the upcoming changes to

A few weeks ago, we let owners on know that the site would be getting a big upgrade this summer. Based on feedback from customers like you, we are bringing additional functionality and new and improved tools to the site. Here are just a few of the new features that will be available: 

  • A new property details to better showcase your property through features like 24 free photos and property videos
  • More search options, like map search, to help travelers to find your listing
  • An upgraded dashboard and a mobile app to allow you to manage your listing and inquiries from virtually anywhere 
  • New ways to increase your exposure through options like subscription levels and featured listings

While all of these new features will be available over the summer, there are a few changes that are taking place in the next few days.

Changes happening now:

To make room for the new, improved functionality we also have some important dates and changes we wanted to remind you of:

  • We are excited to announce that all listings will get up to 16 photos – for free beginning March 13.
  • If you use the homepage and regional page premium placements, make sure to purchase them before March 12.
  • March 10 is the last day to bid on the featured property and property of the week auctions.

Features going away don’t mean less exposure between now and the upgrade

Although a few features will be going away, you can still give your property the exposure it deserves by:  

  • Purchasing a 3-month version March 12 for the homepage and regional page premium placements to stay featured throughout the next few months
  • Continue to run deals to get your property to the top of the search results page
  • Use the 16 free photos to catch traveler’s attention 

More information coming soon

We want you to know about all of the changes and new features you will be getting when the site upgrades, which is why we are providing monthly updates for you to get excited and get ready.

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