Reviews get a new look on

HomeAway and VRBO travelers tell us that reviews from past guests are an important part of evaluating which vacation rental to book. We knew reviews were important, but over 90% of travelers say it is one of the most important criteria.

Gathering reviews isn’t just helpful to travelers, it also increases your listing quality score, which helps determine where your property appears within search results.

Some new changes to

We are making some changes to the way reviews appear on your listing to help make it easier for travelers to read reviews from your past guests. Here are some of the changes you might notice:

  • All reviews will now be available on your listing page without having to go to a separate page to read them 
  • An average rating will be displayed 
  • Travelers can now look at reviews by star rating
  • Guestbook comments are being moved to the “Overview” section


Another thing travelers have also told us is that reviews written within the last two years are more valuable to them than older ones. That means you should never stop asking for reviews from your past guests.

Here are a few tips to help you collect more reviews:

  • Send travelers a personalized message from your dashboard by going to the reviews section and selecting “Request Review” 
  • Ask your guests for reviews while they are still enjoying their vacation through email or text message.
  • Add it to your list of items to do before checkout 
  • Make their stay memorable! If a guest had a great stay they are more likely to write a glowing review.

Why not take a moment now to contact your recent guests and ask for a quick review? Request a review now.

Please share any other review tips that work for you!