VRBO.com has a new homepage

Have you been to VRBO.com lately? If you haven’t, you might want to head over there for a minute just to check it out. We just introduced a new homepage that we’re pretty excited about.

In addition to the refreshed design, we’ve updated the page to help travelers begin their search for properties like yours easier. Here are some of the other changes you might notice:

  • New images of properties on VRBO to showcase the beautiful properties listed on the site.
  • Improved “How to” content so new travelers know exactly what to do once they’ve gotten to VRBO.com.
  • A new header, footer, and traveler benefits to help travelers stay carefree knowing they’re booking or inquiring through the company with the world’s largest source of vacation rentals.

You may also see we’ve added the Birdhouse, the trademark of HomeAway so travelers see that VRBO is part of the HomeAway family of sites. You can hover over the birdhouse logo on the right to learn more about our family of sites and what we are all about: helping families and friends build unforgettable vacation experiences by giving them the additional space, privacy, and freedom that only vacation homes offer.

We’re always looking to improve the site experience for travelers and owners. Within the next few weeks you will also see a similar version of this new page on our mobile and tablet expereinces. And we will continue to improve, so stay tuned!