Calendar Availability / Minimum Stay

This week we will be releasing a new feature on VRBO that many of our owners, property managers, and travelers have been requesting for quite some time. For owners and property managers, this features is aimed to reduce the volume of unqualified inquiries and for travelers, it is aimed to reduce the time it takes to find an available property that fits their needs.

Currently, the date selector on the inquiry form of the property page shows open calendars for all listings.  With this release, we will start to show the property availability in the calendar by crossing out the unavailable dates per the screenshot below.  Additionally, if the traveler selects travel dates during which the property is not available or if they do not meet minimum stay requirements, a warning message will appear within the inquiry form. (This feature will be coming soon on HomeAway as well.)

We will also start displaying minimum stay requirements on the search hits of both HomeAway and VRBO as this is an important way travelers select search accommodations. Minimum stay requirements are part of the new quotable rates format. If you have defined rates using this new format, the minimum-stay check will occur. Please keep in mind, travelers will still be able to submit their inquiry for booked dates or stays that don’t meet minimum stay requirements.

As always, we appreciate your feedback,

The VRBO team