“Get a Quote” Makes Booking Even Easier

One of the things we hear pretty consistently from owners and managers is that it can take a lot of back and forth to get the reservation started. But that’s about to change.

We’ve made things easier with the new “Get a Quote” feature on HomeAway and VRBO. Now, on all listings with quotable rates, potential guests can enter their travel dates and instantly see an estimated rental amount based on the set rates. They can then click the “Request Quote” button to contact the owner, who will automatically be sent an inquiry with the quoted rate included.

“Get a Quote” will help cut down on those initial emails and ensure higher quality inquiries, since travelers will already have a ballpark idea of the amount they would be spending. It even stops users from selecting less than the minimum number of days.

All property listings with quotable rates automatically have this new feature just above the inquiry form on your property listing. So if you have not updated your listing with quotable rates, we encourage you to go to your “Edit Listing” page and click on the “Rates” tab to do so.   

We think you’re going to really like this new feature—after all, it saves you time and makes the reservation process easier for both you and the traveler.

Happy renting!

The Product Marketing Team