Good news for our neighbors to the north – HomeAway Payments now available in Canada!

Over 85% of travelers want the ability to easily book stays and pay online. And now you can give them what they want.

Starting July 12, our Canadian owners and property managers can accept credit cards through our secure system, making it easier for guests to book…and easier to get paid! 

HomeAway Payments is a secure and convenient way to make the reservation process even easier. It makes the reservation process easier and improves your position in search results too. Plus, processing fees are lower than any of our competitors…including PayPal.

PRO TIP: Take full advantage of HomeAway Payments and add the “Book it Now” button to allow instant online reservation requests.

If you or your bank is in Canada, and you haven’t been able to use HomeAway Payments in the past, we encourage you to try it out and see what a difference it can make.

Learn more about how HomeAway Payments works here.

Read about our low credit card processing fees here.