My Properties for Professionals - Now Available!

My Properties for Professionals is the first of a new suite of features designed specifically for property managers. This new view of the dashboard allows PMs to view inventory and important listing information in one place. If you have more than 10 properties, the My Properties for Professionals page will become the homepage of your dashboard when you log in.

My Properties for Professionals is designed to make it easier for you to manage multiple listings in one place and review your inventory at an account level, rather than at the listing level, with the following key features.

Inventory Summary

Once you log in, you will see a summary of all of your listings.  By default, your listings will be sorted according to their listing ID numbers.  You may also sort by Property Name.

In this view, you can also view your external ID, the listing model for each of your properties, the expiration date for each listing, the sites on which they appear, the subscription levels and the status.

Update Listing Status

If you would like to change the status of a listing, click the drop down next to the listing status column. From here, you can enable, disable, or archive listings.

From this menu, you’re also able to go directly to the listing editor, or view listing info, payments, inquiries, or calendar info for a particular property. 

You also have the option of exporting the data within My Properties for Professionals to a CSV file for your records.

Bulk Headline Editor

Rather than visiting the listing manager for each individual property, you have the option of editing several headlines in the same screen.  Your listings will appear with a free text field where you can update the headlines for each of your properties.

Currently headlines are the only items that you can edit in bulk.  To make other changes to your listing, including amenities, rates, description or photos, please click the Edit Listing link in the drop down menu next to each property.

Customers whose listings are integrated via software may still take advantage of My Properties for Professionals to view important listing information in one place.  However, please note that you should not make any edits to fields that may be overridden by your software feed, such as headlines.  If you are integrated via Instant software, though, you may use the headline editor since there is not a corresponding field in your software.

View Inquiries

Lastly, you may view inquiries for all your listings in one place rather than per property.  Click the inquiries button at the top of the page. Your inquiries will be sorted by Received Date, but you have the option of searching by date as well. 

This view will tell you the guest name, the desired stay dates, number of guests, and the brand and property ID from which the inquiry originated, making it much easier for you to manage your inquiries and reservations. 

Watch the video below to see a full demo of the My Properties for Professionals features.  We will continue to make improvements to the property manager dashboard, but in the meantime we welcome your feedback in this brief survey.

We hope you find the features useful for managing your marketing efforts.  Should you choose to revert back to the traditional My Properties view of the dashboard, please contact Customer Support via this support link.