New & Improved Amenities Page

We've made some updates to the Amenities page in the Listing Editor so that you can more easily share all that your home has to offer. Additionally, with the same Amenities editors on HomeAway and VRBO, customers will be able to easily consolidate the content of their two listings into one to take advantage of the US and Global Bundles.

What's changed:

The function of the Amenities page remains the same, but the overall layout has been cleaned up and improved with the goal of making it easier for you to manage.

Here’s how:

  • Highlight all of your home’s features with the new, simpler interface
  • Share more details with additional description fields on
  • Provide more detailed information to potential guests about your bedrooms and bathrooms

Before this update, only allowed you to enter the number of bedrooms and bathrooms in your property with additional description fields available for the various beds. Now you can add detailed information for each bedroom and bathroom to make it easier for potential guests to determine whether your home meets their needs.  (Please note that any information you previously gave us about the beds in your property has been retained, but it has been transferred into the Bedroom Notes field.)

What you should do:

All of the information previously entered on your Amenities page will be retained in the new layout, so no action is required on your part.  

To review the new layout, visit the Amenities page in your Listing Editor.  For VRBO listings, review the number of bedrooms and bathrooms for accuracy, and update each with all the features you'd like to highlight. 

Be sure to also take advantage of the additional description fields to share all that your home has to offer.