New Rates for HomeAway and VRBO

You may have noticed a new and improved Rates format within the listing manager, and the option to add a “Book it” button to your listing through ReservationManager.  

The new rates feature on and enables you to:

  • Enter simple rate information in a structured format
  • Give travelers the ability to easily find your property when searching by price
  • Influence your sort order and help you move up in search results
  • Allow travelers to send a paid reservation request directly from your listing (if you have added a “Book it” button)  

We’ll be talking more about the “Book it” button in the coming weeks, but for now here is some info on the new rates format.  

Improved Structured Rates

With our new and improved rates format, all you have to do is enter base rates for nightly stays and designate your minimum stay.  You also have the option to specify different weekend rates or offer price breaks for longer stays. 

If you have multiple rate periods, don’t worry – you have the option of adding seasonal and event rates. These special rates will override any base rates you have entered, making it possible to charge more for holidays and peak seasons, or offer discounts for the off-season. 

When using ReservationManager, you have the ability to specify your fees, taxes and payment schedule. If you have signed up for this option, be sure to set your rates in the Settings tab of your dashboard, or learn more about signing up with ReservationManager here.  If you prefer not to use ReservationManager, simply update your rates from the Rates tab of your listing manager.  With this option, you may enter fees, taxes and other notes in the free text fields. 

Future Enhancements

While we are excited about the evolution of our Rates format, we are also working hard to enhance these tools to better serve you.  We understand that there are certain situations where the new rates format might not be ideal, and we are working on solutions to ensure that the format works for everyone.  

While we work on these enhancements, we encourage you to download our Rates User Guide to help you work through some of these edge cases. We also encourage you to leave any comments here if there are scenarios you think we have overlooked or enhancements you’d like to suggest.  You can also watch our video tutorials to learn more about setting the rates for your property or signing up for the “book it” button on your listing with ReservationManager. 

Be sure to keep checking back as we continue to enhance this tool and update you on new features.