Rates Update


I wanted to update the community on the quotable rates changes.  We have now implemented the ability for owners to toggle back to their traditional rates.  You can find the link "Go back to the traditional rates format" at the top of the Listing Editor Rates tab.  This will allow owners who are having trouble with the quotable rate format to revert back to and edit their traditional format for the time being.   You can also switch back to quotable rates at anytime by clicking the "Try the quotable rate format" link.

Over the next days and weeks we will be releasing ehancements to quotable rates based on  feedback from community, customer interviews, the customer service team and our website. Here is a short list of the enhancements the teams are working on:

  • Per person rates - the ability to set rates on a per person basis
  • Changeover day - the ability for the specify the check in/check out date per property
  • Increased flexibility to clearly define weekly and monthly rates, not just base rates
  • The ability to choose what rates are displayed on your listing: daily, weekly, or monthly 
  • More prominent display of the minimum stay requirements
  • Seasonal rates sorting control

We are listening to the feedback and working to make the enhancements as quick as possible.  There will be more coming as we work to make the quotable rate system flexible and simple enough to satisify the needs of the diverse set of owners while consistently displaying prices to a global audience of travelers.

In the meantime, your support, feedback and comments are welcome.