Updated Rates Display on Search Results

The rates displayed in the search results on HomeAway.com and our international sites for all properties with quotable rates or a “book it now” button have undergone some important changes in response to customer feedback.  

  • Listings with a one-week (7 nights) or one-month (28-31 nights) minimum stay are now displayed with a Weekly or Monthly rate.  Before, quotable rate listings displayed only a nightly rate. 
  • Discounts/price breaks for stays of 1 week or longer are no longer included in the nightly rates by default.  
  • When a traveler includes dates in a search, the rates reflect the time of year they are staying and the duration of their stay.  Discounts/price breaks that fall within the duration of the stay are included in the price ranges in these cases. 
  • Any time more than one price applies to a search, the prices are shown as a range.  When only a single rate is applicable, the single rate is displayed.

Please note that event rates are included as nightly rates any time the traveler has searched for dates that overlap with an Event.  Event Rates are not included when the traveler has not specified travel dates. Weekend rates are always reflected in the rate range if they are provided by the owner/manager and apply to the time of year and duration of stay for which the traveler is searching. 

These changes were a direct result of the feedback we have received and our desire to ensure that the display accurately represents your rates.   While these changes do not currently affect listings with the traditional rates structure, we hope to complete these changes for all listings in the near future to provide a consistent and simplified experience for travelers.  Please also note that VRBO will have similar updates to listings with quotable rates very soon.