VRBO Listing Page Is New and Improved

Have you looked at your VRBO.com property listing recently? If you have, then you might have noticed we’ve made some pretty big improvements. (And if you haven’t, well, that’s what this post is for!)

In our never-ending quest to be the best vacation rental site, we have made some changes to our property listing page format, including:

  • Bigger photo viewer: nothing is more important than making sure your property looks good! So we have upgraded our photo viewer so your pictures are front and center.  (Make sure your pics are the right size and resolution – 1024 x 768 works best) (first image below).
  • Calendar and map toggle: Travelers can easily click to change the photos to map or calendar, so it’s easy to see where your property is located and if it’s available for their dates.
  • Overview section: Just below the photo viewer is a summary of the most important data travelers are looking for, so they have everything they need to make a decision at their fingertips.
  • “Sticky” buttons and right rail: As the user scrolls down the listing, buttons below the photo viewer stay on the page as a top navigation to easily click to other sections. And most importantly, booking and contact information stay onscreen, so they don’t have to scroll back up to start the reservation process (second image below).

Every one of these changes has been researched and tested so we can say with confidence that they’re for the better. But we want to hear what you think too! Take a look at your new and improved property listing and let us know your thoughts.

Happy renting!

The Product Marketing Team