Mobile Hospitality Manager — We're Listening

Change can be challenging and your participation and feedback have been invaluable as we’ve rolled out the new Mobile Hospitality Manager. We are committed to making the product serve you and help enable great trips for travelers.

Since we began the rollout, almost 300,000 guests are using the Mobile Hospitality tools. The guest experience begins with a confirmed booking and an invite to access your hospitality content. Guests have shown they are interested in accessing this content because of the remarkable email open and click through rates we’ve seen with the invitations. In an industry where on average a traveler only clicks 2.7% of the time within the body of an email, travelers are so excited to get access to this information they click more than 51% of the time. Our customer support data also supports the need to access hospitality information after a booking. We field more than a thousand calls a week from these ‘booked and worried’ travelers who have told us that they didn’t want to intrude by peppering you with questions. Providing robust content in the Mobile Hospitality Manager can assuage their concerns and jumpstart a wonderful vacation. 

Over the last few weeks we’ve gone through over 500 feedback submissions, dozens of Community posts and had many conversations with customers about the Mobile Hospitality Manager. Almost everyone we spoke with understood the benefit of it, really liked the idea, and had valuable recommendations on how to improve it. We took those suggestions and distilled several high priority items to address. 

We are really excited about all that we were able to quickly improve. You’ll see the following changes live in the Mobile Hospitality Manager effective immediately.

Email and Communications Improvements

  1. You can preview every email your guest will receive in line with the schedule of when they are sent in the My Guests tab. 
  2. We will no longer send emails from your address, the email will be from the brand where the traveler books. 
  3. Default email message content has been revised to ensure it’s clear it is from HomeAway. 
  4. The new email format ensures readability on any device and the branding corresponds to the booking site.
  5. A review request email is no longer sent during the stay. If your customer has downloaded the HomeAway mobile app, they will be prompted to write a review during their stay. Our data shows that right after their trip is when they are quite happy and catching them before they are entrenched in their backlog of email from their vacation is key. Almost 70% more reviews will be written if you ask during the stay.
  6. You now have the ability to add other guests to the reservation in order to invite them to Mobile Hospitality. This is really helpful to make sure any additional guests you are aware of are immediately invited to access your Hospitality information. 
  7. You can export the email addresses and other contact details of all of invited guests.

My Rentals tab and new Email Preview ability highlighted

Email Preview window

Easier Onboarding

Save Local Suggestions to all of your listings

  1. We’ve provided a longer window for you to enter content for your guests. You can extend this window by an extra 30 days if you are not quite ready for your travelers to be invited. Keep in mind, travelers indicated the app was still helpful prior to owners entering content.
  2. To make data entry as easy as possible, fewer fields are required. Phone and Website are no longer required on custom Local Suggestions.
  3. ‘Save to all rentals’ is now an option for Local Suggestions. This will really help owners with multiple units.

Add-Ons Tab

You’ll also find a new Add-Ons tab. We’ve added Cottage Book so you can print your Mobile Hospitality content, if you want to provide a paper copy at the rental. You’ll also find BeHome247 and Lockstate integration information.

Some of the strongest voices in the Community were from owners who already provide a great traveler experience through an established process. We respect that Mobile Hospitality might overlap with your established workflow and are working on a longer-term solution to address that feedback. However, we did not want to hold back these optimizations from those who are leveraging the Hospitality Manager to serve hundreds of thousands of customers. 

Our aim is to help ensure your travelers have a great stay while saving you time. Please keep your feedback coming. We read each and every comment you provide via the ‘Feedback’ tab in the Mobile Hospitality Manager. We appreciate your insights and your input will lead to further enhancements.