Changes are coming to the Property Manager Dashboard

We have consolidated the navigation for both our owner and property manager dashboards to make navigating between your bulk and individual listing views more consistent.  Whether you manage just a couple listings on the owner dashboard, or hundreds in the property manager dashboard, the navigation will now be the same.

There is no loss of bulk functionality on the property manager dashboard, so you can still do everything you have in the past, such as see all of your properties in one screen, and manage multiple listings at once.

Here is a walk through of the changes:

You can see that we have moved the Account, Dashboard, and Languages options.  You can now find the language and dashboard choices under your name. “My account” is now “Personal Details”.

You can still toggle to another Dashboard from the right navigation.


Original dashboard

Pay-per-booking settings, statements, and pending transactions can also be found in the menu under your name.

New dashboard


To change language, you choose “Select a Language” which will then display the following screen to choose the desired language.

Choose your dashboard language

The left navigation has some changes, as well.  For those of you who use Reservation Manager, you will see the options necessary for you to continue managing your listings through our platform.   You will then have all of the options to manage your performance, such as your Analytics, Listing Scorecard, Alerts, and Marketing Tools. 

Your bulk tools for managing headlines and advertising regions will also be available in the left navigation, as it was before. 

We’ve also organized your account settings in a convenient place to make it easier to manage your settings.

Original left navigation

New navigation


Your “My Properties” page will still show all of your listings, with tabs by type of listing, and you can see which ones are incomplete, which ones are distributed via the Expanded Distribution Network, your subscriptions, and any pay-per-booking listings you may have.

New "My Properties" page

You can still manage each listing by clicking the button on the far right of the listing line.

If you click on any of your listings, you will be taken to the property’s individual dashboard, where you can see any inquiries, your listing quality score, and the property calendar.

Property individual dashboard page

You can always return to the consolidated view of your properties by clicking on the “My Properties” link on the left hand navigation.