Additional Inquiries

60%* of travelers who book vacation rentals are traveling with their family or a group and sometimes travelers send additional inquiries to ask additional questions or share new details. To help you be efficient and maintain a high response score, these additional inquiries will now appear differently and will not count towards your response score. 

If a traveler submits an inquiry using the following criteria, it’s considered an additional inquiry:

  • Inquiries using the same email address
  • On the same property
  • With the same travel dates
  • Within 60 days of the initial inquiry 

When you receive an additional inquiry, you will notice the following changes:

Additional inquiry email

  • Your inquiry confirmation email will indicate that it is an updated inquiry, instead of a new one from a new traveler
  • Within your dashboard, the additional inquiry will be placed in a conversation with the initial one and noted with ‘updated details'
  • Since your response score only looks at your response to the initial inquiry from a traveler so these additional inquiries will no longer count towards your score. 


*Source: HomeAway research based on national survey of  1,126 adults who take “long” (4+ day) vacations, June 2011