The Expanded Distribution Network - an exciting and easy new way to increase your marketing reach

HomeAway is thrilled to introduce the Expanded Distribution Network.  Now you can get bookings through our partners, starting with Expedia®, America’s largest online travel website. 

There are many benefits to the program:

  • You will reach a new set of travelers through HomeAway’s partnership with popular online travel sites, starting with
  • You will manage your listings using the same tools you do today.  We send the booking requests to you, letting you know which partner site they came from. 
  • You can control which partner sites show your listing at any time from your dashboard allowing you to amp up your marketing exposure during shoulder and off seasons.

How does it work?

This first launch is for pay-per-bookings only.  We are starting with, but we expect additional websites in the future. 

HomeAway sends a feed of participating listings to the partner.  Keep in mind that partners decide what listings will appear on their sites, so you may not always be able to see your listing appear if you perform a search.

This is what a typical search result looks like:

When the traveler clicks on the HomeAway banner, they are taken to a cobranded website that shows many properties that match their search.

When a traveler clicks on a property, they will see a property details page that is very similar to the page on the HomeAway family of sites.


You can see that there is still an option to email or call you. 

If the traveler chooses to book now, they will get a page that provides your cancellation and rental properties, as well as a place to enter their credit card information.

We set the expectation that you will provide a response within 24 hours when they submit the request.

Handling booking requests and inquiries if you use HomeAway’s Reservation manager

If you use HomeAway’s Reservation manager, you will see booking requests or inquiries with a source of “Expedia”.  As we grow the program, you will see different source names.

You will see the detailed breakout of the reservation, less the booking fee, which includes the 10% commission, plus the 3% credit card processing fee for HomeAway Payments.  Each partner may have a different commission, and we will be sure to let you know what they are as we roll out new partners.

You can accept or decline or contact the traveler, just like you can do today on HomeAway’s sites.

Your settlement will be handled the same way as all of your HomeAway pay-per-bookings are handled today.

Handling booking requests and inquiries if you have integrated software

Inquiries will not change from what you receive today.

For booking requests, the reservations will go directly into your software.  You will see the reservation just like you would if you had booked it through your own site.  You can accept or decline, or contact the traveler.  You will handle the payment schedule.  You will pay credit card charges to your own merchant service provider.

The 10% commission will be charged to you on the 2nd of the month after the stay has occurred as part of your pay-per-booking billing from HomeAway. 

It’s that simple.  We hope that you take advantage of the Expanded Distribution Network to expand your reach and get more bookings!

Want to learn more?  Read our faqs here