Integrated Property Managers Can Now See Pending Pay-Per-Booking Transactions in the Dashboard

Those of you who use HomeAway’s pay-per-booking commission model and integrate your software with HomeAway have provided feedback that it is difficult to know in advance what booking commissions you will be expected to pay on the second of every month.  We understand that many of you bill your customers for these monthly expenses, and having advance knowledge of what to expect is extremely helpful.

We are introducing a new report, available in your property manager dashboard, that allows you to view and download booking details for all expected completed stays. 

Here’s how it works.

Go into your property manager dashboard, and in the top navigation, grab the pull down menu under your dashboard’s brand name. Choose pending transaction from the menu.


You can see all the details of the booking, including the property information, the dates, rates, and commission to be charged. There is a 24 hour delay between the transaction and the details in the report, so keep that in mind when you pull the report.

You have the option of entering data ranges, and exporting the report to Excel.


The Excel spreadsheet will allow you to sort, slice and dice however you wish.

We hope that this new feature will provide you with a view to your upcoming stays booking via HomeAway’s network. As always, we welcome your feedback, so let us know how you like this by leaving us a message in the Feedback widget on your dashboard.