Updates to Review Guidelines

Reviews are one of the most important things travelers want to see on a listing before they book or inquire a property they are interested in.  Based on customer input and to help make it easier for travelers to submit and for you to get more reviews, we’ve updated our content guidelines. Our content guidelines are the rules that determine whether a review or owner response are approved and placed on the website.

Some of the changes you might notice:

  • Travelers can now write a review if they’ve paid in accordance with the rental agreement or stayed in the property.

  • Reviews will no longer be rejected if they mention their or your, the owner or manager’s, full name.  Don’t worry, if someone mentions your last name and you don’t want it visible, customer service can reject the review and ask the traveler to resubmit.

  • Reviews will also now be approved if the review mentions local points of interest in addition to the rental itself, like restaurants or shops, because it helps future travelers get a better sense of the location of your property.

Read the full list of content guidelines here.

By updating some of these guidelines, it will be easier and faster to get reviews approved and added to your listing. Thanks for your feedback and we are actively working on some additional improvements to the reviews system to continue to improve the process and the visibility for you.