Property Damage Protection improved coverage

Property Damage Protection gives your guest the option to purchase a protection plan or pay the equivalent coverage amount as a refundable damage deposit during the online booking process – and either way your property is protected.

We're making changes beginning today to make it an even better option: property damage protection now covers the replacement value of a damaged item instead of just the depreciated value*. The cost of the new plan, paid by your guest, will increase by $10 per level from the previous plan.

The updated pricing and coverage levels are below for the new plan (G-120HA):

  • $59 for $1,500 of coverage
  • $79 for $3,000 of coverage
  • $99 for $5,000 of coverage

Some important things to know about this update.

  1. This change will not be retroactive to any policies that have been previously purchased by your guests.
  2. It will not affect any of your outstanding quotes or payment requests, which will still have the previous G-100HA plan. If you send an updated quote or payment requests, it will be the under the new G-120HA plan. You can easily tell which policy is being offered by looking at the price.


  • $49 for $1,500 of coverage
  • $69 for $3,000 of coverage
  • $89 for $5,000 of coverage

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*You receive the lesser of the cost of repairs or the cost to replace the property for covered damages. Review a sample Description of Coverage or Policy for full terms and conditions.

This plan provides insurance coverage for your trip that applies only during the covered trip. You may have coverage from other sources that provides you with similar benefits but may be subject to different restrictions depending upon your other coverages. You may wish to compare the terms of this policy with your existing life, health, home and automobile policies. The purchase of this plan is not required in order to purchase any other travel product or service offered to you by your travel retailers. If you have any questions about your current coverage, call your insurer, insurance agent or broker.

Plans are available to residents of the United States. Benefits and services are described on a general basis. Certain terms and conditions may apply. Your travel retailer may not be licensed to sell insurance, and cannot answer technical questions about the benefits, exclusions, and conditions of this insurance and cannot evaluate the adequacy of your existing insurance. For questions or complete information on policy benefits, limits and exclusions, please contact CSA at (888) 501 3025 or for a sample Description of Coverage or Insurance Policy for this plan. 

These plans are administered by CSA Travel Protection and Insurance Services. Services are provided through CSA’s designated providers. Travel Insurance is Underwritten by: Generali U.S. Branch, New York, New York; NAIC # 11231 (all states except as otherwise noted) under Policy/Certificate Form series T001. California is Underwritten by Generali Assicurazioni Generali S.P.A. (U.S. Branch), Colorado is Underwritten by Assicurazioni Generali – U.S. Branch, Oregon is Underwritten by Generali U.S. Branch DBA The General Insurance Company of Trieste & Venice, and Virginia is Underwritten by The General Insurance Company of Trieste and Venice – U.S. Branch.