Advertising Region and Search Results

Location, location, location.

Today when a listing is added to any of the sites within the HomeAway family, one of the first things that are done in the setup process is selecting an advertising region. This advertising region determines what location your listing appears within when travelers are searching on the website.

Until now, these advertising regions weren’t flexible and frequently travelers weren’t seeing properties they were willing to book because those listing were showing up in a different advertising region.

After years of testing at HomeAway we know the more selection a traveler has, the more likely they are to book. So now based on location data, some listings may show up in additional advertising regions when they meet the traveler’s search criteria.  When more travelers are able to find the property they are looking for, more bookings can happen.

You should also make sure your advertising region is set to the region you best associate with your property and verify your location so we have the best possible information about your property’s location.