Terms & conditions updates for Property Managers using Software

At HomeAway, our mission is to make every vacation rental in the world available to every traveler in the world through our online marketplace. As we continue to march towards our goal of being the best vacation rental marketplace, we are introducing new updates that will benefit both you and your travelers.  These updates are effective as of now.


Online Booking required: All listings managed by software require an online booking integration. If your software is in the process of developing online booking capabilities, you will need to agree to add online booking once the capability is available in the future.

Booking Commissions: Commission on bookings will now be determined based on which listing the traveler ultimately booked.  For example, if a traveler was viewing a subscription listing, but ultimately booked on a pay-per-booking listing, then you will pay commission on the booking.

Online Booking errors: If you are using software to manage your vacation rentals on the HomeAway network which is causing significant quote and booking errors HomeAway’s technical team will continue providing professional support to you. If errors occur (caused by your software) HomeAway will notify you and work with you through resolving the issue. If 50% of booking requests or bookings result in an error over a timeframe of 2 hours or 100% of booking requests or bookings within 30 minutes HomeAway is allowed to restrict exposure of your inventory if the issues are not resolved. This will ensure that travelers are having access only to properties being bookable online resulting in a positive booking experience for your listings. 

Mixed Inventory Accounts: HomeAway will not allow for platform and integrated listings in one account anymore. The goal is to have all listings being fed through software if you are activated through software. This will allow you using software to make use of all our tools & features without facing any restrictions due to different integration set-ups. Furthermore, in the long-term, HomeAway will not support manual rates or availability updates anymore. If you are integrated to HomeAway through your Software provider, rates and calendar updates will have to be synchronized with us.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to the HomeAway support team.