Help create a more memorable vacation for your guests

So, I’m booked up and ready to go, but did you know as a traveler I’m 73% more likely to remember my trip if I feel happy and excited before the trip starts? And, I’m also 40% more likely to have a more memorable stay if I use my smartphone for researching activities or taking photos. As an owner or property manager, you might be thinking two things right now, firstly where are these stats coming from and secondly what does that mean for me.

The science behind the numbers is part of ‘The Vacation Equation.’ At HomeAway we teamed up with researchers at the University of Texas to discover what it takes to make a more memorable vacation. Take a look at this short video which brings the vacation equation to life! 

Key things to start doing

1.       Highlight your property with amazing photos that are inspirational and be sure to describe the experience of what it is like to stay in your home and get previous travelers to review the property. At this point, potential guests want to start “dreaming” of their vacation.

2.       Start a positive dialogue with your guest from the minute they inquire about your property by responding quickly and with all the information they need to know.

3.       Make a difference with Mobile Hospitality Manager.

The experience begins well before the traveler arrives at your property, and we know you will want to make the stay as memorable and enjoyable as possible. Your guests will have an even better experience when you provide them with helpful information specific to your property (such as how to use the washing machine) and your own local recommendations (the best restaurant within walking distance). 

Visit the ‘Hospitality’ link in your dashboard where you can start to make the experience much more personal for your travelers! 

Before Arrival – Get your guests excited and start sharing any useful tips before they depart on their journey. Does the temperature drop at night? Suggest packing tips for your guests and make sure they bring a sweater along!

Rental Instructions – Don’t forget many people will be staying in a vacation rental for the first time and will naturally have a lot of questions, from things like how to use the washer, when to take out the trash and what’s the Wi-Fi password! The great thing is any information you enter here will always be available to all confirmed guests, so you only need to enter it once!

Local Suggestions – To make the stay much more memorable and to help guide your guests to get the most out of their stay, make sure you tell them about restaurants and activities that are close to your property. As we saw from the vacation equation, the more we can get travelers excited before their trip the more likely they will have a memorable experience.

Take a look at the short video on how one of our owners are using the hospitality manager to make a more personal experience! 

Remember, people invest a lot of time leading up to their vacations, so start to engage with them early to get them excited. It is at both the planning stage and the actual vacation where you have the unique opportunity to help form those important memories. 

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