Processing bookings through HomeAway is key to your performance

Our goal is to get as many travelers as possible to book their vacation, with you, on the HomeAway websites. Bookings on the HomeAway website are core to the HomeAway business and enables us to help make sure we’ll continue to deliver you more bookings for years to come.

Since the most important thing you can do for your performance is use the HomeAway checkout for all of your bookings, we will be making changes to help make sure your getting credit for all your bookings. Soon you’ll notice your phone number is being moved from your listing page to the inquiry confirmation pages. This means all your conversations will be grouped in your HomeAway inbox - and you can let us know it resulted in a successful booking, in just a few clicks.

You’ll still have access to the information about the traveler that you do today. Since bookings through the HomeAway checkout are so important, here is a quick “how-to” to make sure you know how to turn phone calls, inquiries and booking requests into bookings through the checkout, giving you credit for each and every booking:


When you receive an inquiry:  You can attach a quote to your answer directly from your HomeAway inbox. Just select ‘Reply Available’ and add a quote or payment request.

When you receive A Booking Request: Simply accept that booking and it will be automatically added to your reservations and block your calendar for the booked dates. 

If you talk to A Traveler On The Phone: In your dashboard, from their initial inquiry, send them a payment request or tell them to go to to finalize the booking.  


Here are a few how to's that can help you:

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