Testing and introducing big improvements to HomeAway.com search results

We are continuously working on improving our search results pages to bring more travelers to you through search engines such as Google, and convert more of them into bookings.

As part of these efforts, we are testing and introducing big improvements to the search pages on HomeAway.com.

We are not changing any other website at this stage and search results will continue to show as it does today on VRBO and VacationRentals.com.

What are the key changes on HomeAway.com search results?

We will be testing different designs, but the main changes we are introducing are:

  • Bigger thumbnail photos
    • Travelers told us: photos are one of the top reason why they click on a property in results and inquire about it.
    • Photos will also be scrollable, right on the search page - to make the most of it, you can upload up to 24 high definition photos in your dashboard.
    • Top tip: Make sure you select your best photo for your search results thumbnail!
  • A bigger map
    • When searching for a vacation rental, location is one of the key criteria for Travelers. By making the map more prominent, it will be easier for travelers to find the right property for their needs.
    • Make sure we have a verified location on file for your property so your listing is displayed both in the list and on the map!
    • Travelers who are part of our tests are still able to toggle between this new view and the list view that we currently display by default.
 We will test several designs featuring bigger photos and a more prominent map

We will test several designs featuring bigger photos and a more prominent map


How does this impact your listing?

We continue to place your listing in HomeAway.com search results based on your subscription level and within that level, based on best match. However, the set of listings on each search results page may differ from List View as travelers navigate the map and zoom in/out.

You may also notice changes to how we display featured listings. We will test different designs and your HomeAway.com featured listing may be highlighted in different ways and places, either it is on top of the results page as it is today, or within search results in the list or on the map.

Rest assured that all previously purchased featured listings* will continue to receive a preferred treatment in search results until they expire, and your HomeAway.com featured listing will be displayed in the rotation in featured listing placements at the top of VRBO.com search pages at no extra cost.


*Note: Independently from these changes and following last year’s removal of Featured Listing as part of annual subscriptions purchased or renewed after November 12th, 2015, Featured Listings add-ons are not available for purchase anymore across our websites, effective May 3rd. This does not affect your existing featured listing. Click here to learn more.