Now an even easier way to add additional listings on HomeAway

Your feedback is invaluable to us. The feedback we receive from customers like you helps inform the new products and services we bring to market.

During the first half of 2016, we spent a lot of time with owners and property managers like yourself doing usability sessions on the process of adding a new listing. We quickly realized that the experience could be easier, faster, more intuitive and provide more guidance on creating a really high quality listing that performs well in our marketplace. That’s why we decided to improve the onboarding flow and make it more interactive and engaging.

Here are a few improvements:

1.       One-click access to all the information you need to list your property, even if you are new to renting

2.       Useful tips were added during each step of the flow to better guide you during the listing process

3.       Only 7 quick steps needed to get your property in front of travelers and to start receiving bookings. The checklist will update automatically as you complete the steps and guide you through what remains to be done.  

4.       Simpler to get started: assemble your listing first and take some time to consider if a subscription makes sense for you.

5.       Property Managers have now a dedicated page redirecting them to our Property Managers Sales Team who will be able to support with listing multiple properties. 

Remember to be sure you are getting the best performance possible:

1.       Accept onsite bookings as that is the top way for your listing to be successful in best match search results.  And you will still maintain 24 hours to accept or decline any booking request you receive.  

2.       Respond to inquiries and booking requests quickly: Our research shows that owners who respond within the first three hours of receiving an inquiry are 2.5 times more likely to get the booking than owners who wait 24 hours or more.

3.       Completeness counts: Make sure your listing includes high quality pictures, an accurate description and the amenities you provide. Keep your calendar updated and define rates for your property.

Keep providing us feedback so we can help you make the renting experience on HomeAway more and more profitable! Just go to and click on the Feedback tab in the bottom right corner of the page.

Thank you!

The HomeAway Team