Interior Design Updates that Work

Small Updates To Your Property Can Mean A Big Increase To Your Bottom Line

Even small interior design updates to your vacation rental can impact your bottom line more than you think. Simple cosmetic updates can increase the quality of your listing photos and appear to more potential rents as you make your home appear more inviting. It can also help improve the quality of the stay, which can lead to better reviews and more repeat renters. You don't have to break the bank  - just focus on small updates that can have a big impact: updating countertops or appliances in your kitchen, a fresh coat of paint, or adding some color with new wall treatments.

We recently visited with Ann Shenck, a property manager out of Destin, Florida, who walked us through some updates she is making to one of her properties and how she expects her investment to pay off.

Without a ton of money, she is focusing on the things she knows form experience will have a big impact. Check out what she is focusing on:

  1. Painting kitchen cabinets - A more modern color appeals to travelers when reviewing your listing online and is more enjoyable for spending time in the kitchen during a guest’s stay.

  2. Upgrading the appliances - Not every appliance has to be top of the line, but travelers will notice in your photos and in staying with you that your appliances aren't the kind that makes them feel at home. Invest in appliances that will appeal to travelers. Consistency in all stainless steel appliances is normally the way to go to update a rental.

  3. Changing window treatments - Window treatments can get out of date quickly. The right window treatments can really make your space seem inviting. It’s a small update that makes a big difference in your photos.

  4. Modernizing furniture - Comfortable furniture that also holds up for a long time is the best option for your home. Cheap furniture can wear and tear quickly with the repeated use of your guests and is oftentimes less comfortable. Invest in furniture that is not only updated, but is high quality.

  5. Updating Technology - Travelers have come to expect flat screen televisions and they take up less space. Consider adding a television to the bedrooms as well as offering Netflix or Apple TV.

As you can see, Ann is not overhauling this condo, but instead she's investing in smart ways to ensure that her photos and her listing pop to potential guests and delight the ones that come for a visit. Small investments in your property can do the same for you. Make sure you are putting your best foot forward with your listing and invest in some small interior updates. It might just result in higher appeal to travelers and a big payoff for you!

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