Compete to Win: 6 Keys to Achieve Maximum Bookings

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Getting bookings for your vacation rental is competitive by nature - you’re competing with similar properties in your area to prove you’re the best fit for a traveler. So when listing your property, one key way to crush the competition is to make sure your listing is showing up to as many travelers as possible. The good news is that you have a lot of control over this on HomeAway, so crank up Eye of the Tiger and check out these six key ways to stand out from your competitors:

  1. Enable Online Booking. Our travelers have spoken: they want the ease of booking online. By enabling these options, you’re not just making it as easy as possible for travelers to book, you’re also giving your property a boost in search results.

  2. Book more nights & more stays onsite. Accept as many booking requests and as many booked nights as possible. If you have more accepted booking requests, and more nights booked than your competition, you’re in an excellent position to win in search results.

  3. Cancel less. We know it has to happen sometimes, but cancel bookings only when you absolutely have to; if you cancel less than the competition, you’ll be more likely to be in a prime position.

  4. Maximize your views to contacts ratio. We look at how many people view your property versus how many actually contact you. The best ways to boost that ratio and get more contacts? Make sure your rates are competitive and your photos are outstanding!

  5. Countdown to a fast response. Try to respond to all booking requests as quickly as possible! If you’re responding faster than your competitors, you’ll end up higher in the list.

  6. Collect great reviews. A large amount of positive reviews will establish credibility and show travelers that you’re consistently delivering a great experience. If you’re not asking for reviews after every stay, you should be! When you have more and better reviews than your competition, you succeed.

Focusing on these six things will boost your position in HomeAway search results, attract more travelers, and help you win at the vacation rental game. Now get out there, play with a lot of heart, and let’s get some bookings on the board!

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