How to set up your home for romantic getaways

Flowers, a box of chocolates, a white-tablecloth dinner for two—you’ve been there, done that on Valentine’s Day. Now it’s time to set up your home for those couples who booked a vacation rental expecting extreme privacy with the comforts and amenities they’re used at home.

Whether they are celebrating something – a honeymoon or anniversary, perhaps – or just need an escape from the doldrums of everyday life, your focus on details can be the key to creating memories that will last forever. Here are our tips for setting up your home for the perfect romantic getaway:

1. Let’s start with the classics!

There are a few touches that are easy to put in place and not too expensive, but at the same time, they can make the difference for your guests. Let them find a bottle of wine when they arrive, with chocolates or fresh strawberries; put some candles in the sitting room to create a relaxed atmosphere. Fresh flowers in the house or rose petals on the bed could also be much appreciated.



2. Provide more services: be creative!

A full delicious breakfast served directly in the bedroom could be a great start of the day for your guests and a good opportunity for you to partner with a local bakery, unless you have the chance to prepare it yourself and wish to do some upsell. Through HomeAway’s Mobile Hospitality Manager, you could also indicate to your guests if there is any special romantic tour in the city center or any amazing spot to see sunsets in your area, and for sure, your travelers will appreciate suggestions on where they could have a lovely candlelight dinner.


3. Nice to have

Gone with the wind? Pretty Woman? Dirty Dancing? Or Notting Hill? What is your favourite romantic movie? Imagine how nice it would be for your guests to be able to see one of those in your property, after their dinner. Even setting up some soft music for their stay could be a cute idea.

As a final recommendation, remember to always use Online Booking, so it’s easy for travelers to plan their getaway, even if they are booking last minute.

We hope these tips helped you find the right inspiration to make your guests’ vacation fantastically romantic.

With LOVE,

HomeAway Team 

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