Best Match basics: Why we changed and how it works

If you’ve been with HomeAway a while, you’ve probably noticed a series of changes to the site, specifically with how your property shows up in best match, our search algorithm. You may have questions on why we changed and what you can do to appear higher in our search results. Well, we want to answer all of your questions! We developed this video to help explain some of the changes as well as what you can be doing to perform better in a best match world.

A key reason that we changed to best match is because of changes to the travel market we operate in. The changes we are introducing, while sometimes uncomfortable, are designed to create a better traveler experience, repeat guests and ultimately more bookings for your properties.

To ensure that we continue to get you as many bookings as possible, we rely on data from many different sources such as traveler behavior on our site. It’s important for us to be able to evaluate what travelers want to see and where they book; that way we can continue to surface your property in best match to the travelers that are most likely to book it. Processing your bookings through HomeAway allows us to have that data and to continue to drive value for you through best match.

We use that data to continue to develop our search algorithm, best match. Still want to know more about how best match works? You’re in luck. We sat down with Bobby, the guy responsible for developing the best match algorithm to walk you through more detail. Check it out!

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