Lift My Listing: Improving a London flat on HomeAway

One of the best things about HomeAway is working with property owners & managers who are always looking for ways to improve. Paul, who owns a flat in London (click here to check it out), came to us after a recent webinar looking for some feedback on his listing. We wanted to share our tips in this video so Paul and other property owners & managers could get some good ideas for their own listings. Check it out!

To sum up, here are some things to think about as you’re creating or updating your listing on HomeAway.


  • Keep headlines to about 70 characters.

  • Don’t mention your bed or bath count in the headline - that information is already in other places.

  • Mention special offers in your headlines to stand out in search results.


  • Maintain a common decor theme throughout your property/properties.

  • Make sure all photos have a descriptive caption.

  • Use photos of the surrounding areas, and explain in your captions how they relate back to your property.


  • Keep your description to about 700-1000 characters.

  • Once your description is written, plug it into the Hemingway app to further simplify and improve.

  • Organize your information into sections and use bullet points.


  • Identify what’s unique about your property and showcase it in your headline, photos, and description.

  • Enable Instant Booking to make it as easy as possible for travelers to book, especially on mobile.

  • Use your reviews (if you have them) to see what guests are saying about your property, and incorporate that feedback into each section of your listing.

We love clients like Paul who go out of their way to provide a terrific experience for their guests, and that great experience begins with your listing. If you’d like our help with lifting your listing, email us a link to your property at, and you could be featured in the next episode!

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