4 of the Most Unique Properties on HomeAway

Our advice to vacation rental owners & managers is always to find what’s unique about your property and then highlight that in your listing. There’s something unique about every property - great views, themed decor, amazing amenities - but for these four properties, unique is taken to a whole new level!

1. The Airplane House

This property answers the question “Why would you want to vacation inside of a 727?” Located in the jungles of Quepos, Costa Rica, travelers have everything they need inside of a large metal tube. Outside, there are stunning views of the ocean from a lovely sitting area. If you’re looking for a unique vacation experience, this definitely fits the bill.

2. The Sweet Escape

It may be close to Florida’s Disney World, but it makes hanging with Mickey Mouse completely unnecessary. These folks could have been satisfied with building the world’s first ice cream cone pool (complete with hot tub cherry on top), but they instead chose to go all in and build a monument to sugar. There are bedrooms devoted to Coca Cola, lollipops, Hershey’s chocolate, M&Ms, and more. This property clearly shows the difference between choosing a decor theme and committing to it 110%.

3. The Water Tower House


Along the Pacific Coast Highway in California, you’ll find this beautifully decorated water tower. This former home to 75,000 gallons of water is now full of furniture, modern finishes, and a tribute to pirates! Lots of historical touches point to the history of the place while the decor stays modern - a beautifully executed combination of past and present.

4. The Art Deco House

What goes better with an art deco exterior than an art deco interior? Just a mile away from downtown Austin, Texas is a home that takes the idea of art deco and runs with it. Throughout the 6 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, living areas and wine room, the 1930’s decor theme is the connective tissue of this amazing 6,700 square foot home.

Now you may not have an airplane or a historic water tower handy, but these properties show that finding and emphasizing the uniqueness of your property can always help you stand out (and might net you a few more dollars with each booking). We’d love to hear what sets your property apart from all the rest!


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