Your guests have booked, and are excited about their vacation - yay! But the experience begins well before the traveler arrives at your property, and we know you want to make it as memorable and enjoyable as possible. 

For many travelers this is their first time to stay at a vacation rental so they will have numerous questions – What to pack? How to get there? What to do when they arrive?

                                                  Excited about their vacation

                                                  Excited about their vacation

                                                      The fear of the unknown

                                                      The fear of the unknown

This can cause the traveler a sense of uncertainty and anxiety, which we refer to as the ‘dark time’ as often they feel that they are in the dark when it comes to this information. So you can be proactive and start to shine a light during this period by building excitement and providing the reassurance many travelers need.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could provide all the essential content that guests needed in just a few minutes, and save yourself hours by not having to answer the same questions over and over again? This loaded question leads us nicely to the Hospitality Manager, which you can find in your dashboard. Best of all, any information you enter here will be available to all confirmed guests, so you only have to enter it once!

Before your guests arrive

Here you can share airport information, parking and car directions, and check-in instructions with your guests. You can also remind them about your policies on pets and smoking. Your guests will be able to see a list of what is provided at your rental (e.g. linens, pool access) and get any packing tips you provide (“it gets cold at night, bring a sweater”).

The most essential pre-arrival information that guests will expect are directions, check-in instructions, and what’s provided.

During the stay: Rental Instructions

This is where you put the answers to many of your guests’ questions, like house rules, checkout instructions, Wi-Fi password, instructions on how to use the washer/dryer or the grill, when to take out the trash, and more. You include all the information your guests would need, from suggestions for rainy days to information about dealing with maintenance issues.

The most essential rental information that guests will expect are contact details, check-out details, and Wi-Fi instructions.

The Guest Experience

Your guests will appreciate having all this rich content available at their fingertips. Just think about the time and effort this saves both you and them. They won’t have to carry large printouts with instructions, and you won’t have to prepare a large binder with all the information sitting on the kitchen countertop.
Remember inputting all this essential information will ensure that your guests can enjoy your vacation rental and will appreciate your outstanding hospitality!


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