Using traveler reviews to your advantage

You know how important good reviews are for your property. With online booking, you'll also be able to see and submit reviews of travelers. After all, feedback should be a two-way street! Here's how to use reviews of travelers before booking and after the stay.

Before you accept that booking…

If a traveler has requested a booking, it's worth taking a look at what other owners have said about them before you accept. If you've just installed brand new white carpet and their cleanliness score is low, you might want to let them know up front or charge an extra cleaning fee. Inviting strangers into your property can feel uncertain at times - use those reviews in your vetting process to ease your mind!


Post-stay traveler reviews

Should you take the time to review your travelers after their stay? Absolutely. Here are a few good reasons why you might want to:

  • Giving a good traveler review might encourage them to book with you again next year, and repeat travelers make life easier.

  • Most people get back from vacation to a mountain of email - wouldn't it be nice if they got one that said nice things about them?

  • If you negatively review your guests, you'll be doing a service to your fellow owners and property managers - after all, don't you wish someone had warned you?

How to evaluate your travelers

Reviewing travelers allows you to evaluate them on cleanliness, communication, adherence to house rules, and overall experience. Here are some questions to ask yourself before submitting your review:

  • Were they easy to communicate with?

  • Did they make all payments on schedule?

  • Did they follow your house rules? (You may want to check with your neighbors to ensure noise levels stayed appropriate.)

  • Did they leave a huge mess? (If you're not the one cleaning up post-stay, you should check with your cleaners to see if they had any extra work to do.)

Once you've walked through these questions, it's time to submit your review! We recommend submitting a review as quickly as possible post-stay while the guest is still fresh in your mind.

Make sure to process your bookings online, and when you do, you’ll have the ability to review travelers. You also won’t need to reach out to them manually to request reviews of their stay – we’ll collect reviews for you! After your guests have checked out, we will send an email to both of you asking you to rate each other’s experiences. And don’t worry about leaving a negative review of a traveler and having them retaliate with a negative review for you - reviews on both your end and the travelers will be "blind" for 14 days or until the other side has submitted their review, meaning neither one of you can see the other’s review until both have been posted. This is to ensure both sides can be submitted fairly.

There's no reason potential guests should be complete strangers - lean on our community of owners and property managers to give you the real scoop on who you're letting into your home.

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